Team Building

We love to create fun and exciting team experiences for your attendees, but we know you want more than just a high 5 from your attendees, that is why we are not your ordinary Team Building vendor. We are committed to helping your team reach their next level, and we are committed to ensuring you receive an incredible ROI.

If you are looking for just fun and interaction, we can provide endless amounts, however we specialize in digging deeper.  We want to know “Why?” you want a team building experience and we want to know what we can do to help your organization grow.  Tell us your objectives.  Tell us your goals.  We want to know your shortcomings.  Tell us your vision for your team and what your new initiatives are.  We will custom create the content for your activity and ensure that your message is being weaved throughout.  We will brief the team and we will debrief the team engaging them throughout the experience.


Our Most Popular Team Experiences

The Salsa and Sangria Marketing Challenge:  Teams play through a game session to win funny money that allows them to go to the general store to purchase their salsa and sangria ingredients.   Slicing, dicing, mixing all the while creating their marketing campaign behind their products.

Survivor:  Outwit, outperform and outplay your opposing teams as we bring this adventurous moderately physical challenge to your team.  Giant Teeter Totters, hidden puzzle pieces, secret combinations and locked boxes, a bit of building, a bit of digging, a bit of climbing.  We are sure your team will love this one!

Build-a-Bike: Too simple and too common? Not this one.  You will earn your bike parts through a series of challenges and activities.  The bike can’t be built until you win your parts.

Minute to Win it Challenge:  Zany tasks and activity zones keep everyone moving and participating.  You might end up in a game of Human Hungry Hippo, be threading needles, flinging a flip flop into a target or rolling giant dice.  The competition is fierce!

Iron Chef:  An unbelievable culinary experience to create your award winning dish. Aprons, chef hats, all the cooking supplies and equipment necessary, a stocked pantry, and a support team of culinarians to guide you.  What will tonight’s secret ingredient be?

The Skateboard Challenge:  We provide a mobile skate park, X -game skaters to put on an incredible high flying show and then it’s time to build and design your own skateboard.  Our X gamers will even ride your board when you are done.  Charitable Donation Activity.

The Boardroom: A high level strategic experience focusing on project management.  We will pose the challenge and your team will create their business to present in front of their peers.